Founded by Russian artist Denis Milovanov, SÓHA design studio conceives and produces furniture design and decorative objects in solid oak in an authentic style. Inspiration to create all these items comes from the Russian North aesthetics with its severe nature, log huts black from time and climate and scant patterns. 

Wood is masterfully hand processed with chainsaw or chisel, whereby producing beautiful surface patterns. The wood is soaked in boiling baths of linseed oil, creating this special patina and making each creation a very unique piece. Reacting with tanning substances under high temperature, oil gives the objects expressive and natural colours, from light brown to charcoal-black. 

SÓHA offers a vast array of neo-primitivist interior objects. Our kitchen utensil, wall panels, sculptures and furniture solutions are executed in one unique style and will organically fit into the interior of your home. Each piece is one-of-a-kind handmade product.

Made to order